Anonymous asked: Why the hell aren't you posting confessions?!?!?!

Calm down.

I’ve been very busy lately. My laptop broke, my epilepsy has been pretty bad lately so I’m having seizures like crazy, I have a boyfriend to deal with, my depression has been pretty bad lately. I’m going through a lot. I’m literally just about to go to sleep and it’s 10:30am. I’m going through a lot. But I’m answering questions in my inbox before I do that.

I’ll borrow someone’s laptop tomorrow and start working on confessions so nobody ends up hating me. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Anonymous asked: NAC: but was Anne Boleyn a good queen?

I think she was, in her own way.

Anonymous asked: Most of the time I really don't know what to think about Henry's marriage to Anne. Were they both happy or in love at least in the beginning? (question)

I think that what Henry felt for Anne was lust. A beautiful young woman who was new to court. But Anne pushed away his advances (with the help of her father and uncle etc). I do think that eventually they did fall in love with each other and were happy for brief periods of time. Though it was quite clear that all Henry wanted was a son to continue the Tudor dynasty. I’m neither Henry nor Anne so I can neither confirm or deny. But I do think they were in love with each other at some periods.

Anonymous asked: Was Anne the first queen to be publicly executed or were there others in Europe?

pretty sure she was the first.

Anonymous asked: Why haven't u been posting confessions lately

Nobody’s submitting any! x

Anonymous asked: Did you watch eurovision last night???

….yes? (how random)

sending love to those in the US with the tornado. stay strong and safe, you guys! xxxxxx

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